[mySociety:public] What Lisa said

Tom Steinberg tom at mysociety.org
Mon Jul 6 19:10:01 BST 2009

I've just had a phone chat with Lisa Greenwood, the sacked civil
servant. She's explained, and even been kind enough to send me an
email that I can use as evidence.

In short, what she told me happened was:
1.) She used google and ended up on Hazel Blear's page on TheyWorkForYou.com
2.) She clicked through from it to Hazel's official site
3.) She found the 'contact me' page on the official site and then
clicked on the email address, which, using a mailto: tag popped up her
work email client.
4.) She wrote and sent her fatal email, which was delivered from her
DCSF email account, not her Hotmail which she'd normally use.

Here's how Lisa describes it in her own words:

"Dear Tom,

I googled Hazel Blears and found the website 'they work for you' and
it said to contact Hazel Blears click on the following link
http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/hazel_blears/salford   I then clicked
on her personal webpage that said  'contact me'.  You will have to
contact the DCFS for them to explain their interception.

Many thanks

Lisa Greenwood"

So there it is. I'll use this to ask for a retraction from the
original journalist who seeded the story, and from anyone else who ran
with it and who hasn't corrected by tomorrow.



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