[mySociety:public] BNP List

Tom Steinberg tom at mysociety.org
Wed Nov 19 11:17:24 GMT 2008

> Are you men or mice?

Speaking as someone who'd have been gassed by the Nazis simply by
virtue of family name, I'm not enormously cheered by your implication

This is about much more than mySociety breaking the law, we have
repeatedly violated copyright when it is clearly in the public

Alex - the moment you sacrifice the values and compromises that hold
together liberal democracies (such as a presumption of innocence and a
right to privacy for people who've not actually been convicted of
crimes) for the sake of humiliating your political opponents, you're
starting on a path far more likely to result in ruination for us all
than a bunch of marginal wing nuts.

One day you're likely to become a Labour politician of some kind,
maybe even a minister. I hope by the time you are that you have
learned that we protect the rights of despised groups precisely
because we never know when the people and values that we love are
about to become those despised by the majority.

Tom Steinberg

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